Duncan Fire Safety

Duncan Fire Safety

Fire prevention is extremely important in our area. Considering we all live near forests that are very dry by mid July – August it is essential that we not only educate ourselves but also our children about what to do in the event a fire starts. We highly recomend you contact your local fire department for information about fire prevention and safety but here are a couple tips to get you started.

Chimney Cleaning in Duncan, BC

1. Always have your chimney inspected by a certified professional at least once per year. Creosote can build up especially if you are burning improper materials or green wood. Birds, bats and other vermin have a tendancy to nest in chimneys. This is also a very serious fire hazard.

Fire extinguishers save lives

2. Purchase fire extinguishers for your home. They are easily available at nearly every hardware store and it can save your life. If you already own fire extinguishers please have them inspected yearly and be sure they have not expired.

Teach your kids about fire safety

3. It may sound simple but does your child really know how to dial 9-1-1? Test them to be absolutely sure.

Burn only seasoned firewood

4. Burn only quality, properly seasoned hardwoods that release the smallest amount of creosote possible. Softwoods such as cedar or balsam are great for kindling however burning too much will leave a charcoal mixed residue on the inner walls of your chimney that can be very combustible. We suggest such woods as Maple, Birch or Fir. (fur)

Keep your family safe

5. This may sound funny but if your house is on fire, don’t be a hero. The most important thing is getting your family out safe. Running into a burning home with a fire extinguisher or a hose may seem like the right thing to do at the time however gases, smoke and toxic fumes are released when a home catches fire. These can be dangerous if not life threatening. We have all seen it in the movies but trust us, this is a terrible idea.

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