Victoria Firewood Sales

Firewood for sale in Victoria

Victoria Firewood Inc. is the premiere firewood distribution service for residents of Victoria, British Columbia. Our firewood is seasoned to perfection, pre-stacked in portable custom pallets that double as great storage devices and it is ready to burn at the time we deliver it.

Victoria Firewood sells kiln dried firewood!

Are you looking for Victoria Firewood that has been kiln dried? Get better reliabilty and clean burning kiln dried firewood right now. Order firewood online at the new Victoria Firewood website. Using a kiln to season firewood reduces the time to season firewood and guarantees the moisture content rating is under 20% every time.

Don’t get burned by bad firewood dealers

There are a couple easy ways to make sure you don’t get burned by bad firewood dealers.

Check the moisture content rating of your firewood

Any great firewood dealer comes equipped with a moisture content meter that can instantly give customers the peace of mind that their wood is safe to burn indoors. If you are looking for firewood in Victoria, BC, be sure your firewood has a moisture content rating of 20% or less.

Make sure you firewood has been legally obtained

Ask you firewood dealer where he or she gets their firewood. Recent changes to fire safety regulations have limited the amount of time logs for firewood are allowed to be stored on claims. This has resulted in a huge shortage of seasoned firewood in the area.

Check your firewood before you pay for it

Those who have been burned by bad firewood dealers understand the value we have to offer. If you are looking for firewood in Victoria, call us today and see for yourself how easy ordering firewood should be.

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